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Godspeed Resources Connection

GRC is a faith-based organization offering help to intercultural workers who, due to their ministry environment, face unique emotional, situational, and physical stressors. The goal of GRC is to address these stressors so that workers are better enabled to fulfill their calling. Through our office in Columbia, SC, we offer help in the following areas: counseling, debriefing, respite care, fellowship groups, finding housing, timely contacts with local professionals, and re-entry retreats for TCK's. We have counselors on staff in Columbia, SC, Phoenix, AZ, and Namibia. Contacts with counselors and other services are available for those in other parts of the U.S. or around the world and are facilitated as needed.

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Godspeed Resources Connection desires to see intercultural workers thrive in the work they are called to do.


Godspeed Resources Connection is a faith based organization dedicated to assisting intercultural workers to stay engaged in their calling by providing a variety of practical helps, including counseling and debriefing, referrals for professional services, retreats, hospitality, and other appropriate resourcing. In carrying out our mission, we partner with churches, sending agencies, and individual workers.